Rental and Sale of Properties in General

  • Rental of Fixed and Vacational Properties.
  • Sale of land
  • Sale of Primary and Secondary 
  • Properties Sale of Goodwill.

The Properties we differentiate it as:

Primary Sector: are those that at the time of purchase, have never had a previous owner, other than who built it.

Secondary Sector: these are properties that have had at least one owner, after the one who built it.

Asesoría al Futuro Vendedor de un Inmueble

If you want to sell, you must take into account a series of Requirements to comply with the Sale Process of your property. REQUIREMENTS:

  • Copy of the Property Document.
  • Copy of the Identity Card of the Property Owner, valid before the (SAREM).
  • Copy of the Municipal Solvency, or at least, your last payment.
  • Copy of the Cadastral File.
  • Copy of the current and current Tax Information Registry (RIF) of the property owner.
  • Have updated the payments of the Basic Services and Condominium to apply to the property.
  • Copy of the Property Document.

If the Property does not have the status of Main Home, it must cancel Form 33 of (SENIAT), as long as it exceeds the amount of the alienation, the 55 Tax Units (UT) and in the same way, have all the solvencies of the Property at day.

Our Executives will validate if it is necessary to obtain the updated solvencies and will inform you about the expenses that for this concept they will have to pay, before the objectives of the organizations.

We want to express that there is no charge to carry out the management of updating the property in terms of solvencies and basic services, if the taxes subject to payment are from a Property duly captured by the Agency, before realizing the sale the fees will be included of Real Estate Brokerage.

You will be informed of the specific expense of your services or taxes that must be paid, if you wish, the amount will not arrive and we will do it, or if you prefer, you can pay it directly and deliver the required supports.

Servicio de Mantenimiento de Inmuebles

​​​​Maintenance of Air Conditioners.
​​​​Repairs and works of Plumbing, Masonry, Painting, Glass, Carpentry and Blacksmithing.
Redecoration of spaces.
Management of payment of public and private services and tax formal duties.
​​​Reconditioning of real estate for Sale and Rent.