• 1)- We verify that all the documentation of your property is in order and that there are no formalities to complete to avoid setbacks in the sale or rental.
  • 2)- We advise you on the procedures and fiscal costs derived from your sale or rental transaction.
  • 3)- We perform a Comparative Market Analysis based on the current supply and historical demand for real estate in your area, to accurately determine the optimal price for sale or rental of your property.
  • 4)- We will establish a specific marketing plan for the sale or rental of your property.
  • 5)- We offer the necessary advice that will allow you to make the necessary improvements to your property to achieve a positive impact on the clients that visit it.
  • 6)- Our agents have the professionalism to provide clients with information and an adequate demonstration of your property.
  • 7)- We evaluate prospects to avoid unnecessary hassles. In addition, for your safety we always accompany every potential client that visits your property.
  • 8)- We will obtain from the client interested in your property the best proposal for purchase or rental in writing.
  • 9)- Once the purchase and/or rental proposal is accepted and all the details of the operation are negotiated, we will advise you with all the steps and documents in order to perfect your purchase or rental operation.

Making the decision to sell or rent your property goes beyond publishing a simple advertisement. That is why we offer you the necessary advice to guarantee a safe process for both you and your buyers.

We recommend you to update the following documents:

  • Copy of the Identity Card of the owner.
  • Copy of the last solvency cancelled in the corresponding Municipal Mayor's Office where the number of the Cadastral Card of the Property is specified..
  • Solvency of Condominium.
  • Solvency of HIDROCARIBE.
  • Solvency of Condominium.
  • CORPOELEC's solvency.
  • Solvency of Toilet.
  • Copy of the Main Housing Registry in case the property has it.
  • Copy of the approved Construction Permit. (Only pre-sales).
  • Articles of Incorporation of the Construction Company. (Only pre-sales and if the owner is a legal entity).
  • Copy of the last three Tax Declarations.
  • Solvency of the Social Security (obligatory).
  • Copy supports of payments made before the Protocolization. (Applies in sales with options to buy and pre-sale).
  • Among others.

It is important to highlight that the sellers must cancel the respective SENIAT forms, which refers to the amount of sale and will only be cancelled when the sale exceeds 55 Tax Units (U.T).

Only those properties that are registered as Main Dwelling may be exempted.

In the case of the purchasers, they will have to cancel, professional lawyer's fees, registry rights, tax stamps and municipal tax attributable to the purchaser, which will never exceed (5) tax units, and which will be requested, for the sale operation in registry.

All of the above information should be confirmed directly with our advisors to ensure a safe and smooth process for the sale or rental of your property.