Vender inmuebles Deciding to sell or rent your property goes beyond a simple ad posting is a process ensuring safe both for you. And its buyers, so we offer the necessary advice and support of over 17 years of experience in local and national market.

To support and streamline its management, we recommend updating the following documents:

  • Copy of the Property of the estate.
  • Copy of identity card Identity owner.
  • Copy of the last solvency canceled in the corresponding municipal government where the number of cadastral property file specified.
  • Solvency Condominium.
  • Solvency Hidrocaribe.
  • Solvency Corpoelec.
  • Solvency Mampresa.
  • Copy of the registration of principal residence if the property is held by.
  • Copy of building permit approved. (Only pre-sales).
  • Statutory Construction Company Act. (Only pre-sales and if the owner is a legal figure).
  • Copy of the last three tax returns.
  • Solvency compulsory social insurance.
  • Copy supports payments made prior to logging. (Applies in sales with options to purchase and pre-sale).
  • Others.

Importantly, vendors must cancel the respective forms SENIAT's regards the amount of sale and will only be canceled if the sale exceeds 55 tax and which units may only be exonerated those properties that are registered as a main residence.

For buyers, it will be up cancel professional attorney's fees, registration fees, stamp duty and local tax attributable to the buyer, which never exceed five (5) tax units, and will be requested to the sale in registration.

All the above information should confirm directly with one of our advisers and thus to ensure a safe and smooth for the sale or rental of your property process.

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